Instead of a photographer, Kamin Jaroensuk refers himself as an image creator. After received a bachelor’s degree in Communication Design from Bangkok University, he spent a few year working in Advertising industry as an art director and a graphic designer, leads him to be fascinated in communicating through images. Also, he is passionated for producing arts and crafts. 

Learning is a never-ending process, he decided to increase his knowledge and broaden experience by attending one of the State famous art collage, Academy of Art University, USA. After 3 precious years, Kamin earn his master’s degree in Photography - Fine Art. With distinguished visual interpretation skill and outstanding creative imagery, his works were selected as “Finalist” in Young Thai Artist Award in 2007 as well as “100 Honourable Mentions” in Photographer’s Forum magazine in 2014, USA. Moreover, a conceptual photography series from his thesis project won the Best of Show Award from Spring Show 2014 in USA. Besides his works have been publicized in German online magazine. 

Presently, Kamin is a Thailand-based artist and an advertising photographer. His clients include Central World, BEC Tero, Slowmotion, Roza, Rap Is Now,GMM Grammy, Sanamluang Music, White Music, AmexTeam and etc.

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